Tuesday, October 7, 2014

CNET's Tomorrow Daily Discussing My Ideas for Soft Robots

Last week, on CNET TV's Tomorrow Daily Show, they reported on Harvard open sourcing their soft robotics "toolkit".


However, the show's hosts were having trouble coming up with applications for this new technology.  So I wrote them the following letter:


Since you guys were having trouble coming up with applications of soft
robots, I started thinking and came up with this list so far:

1) Soft Robot Mattress that adjusts itself as you roll from laying on your back to on your side or to on your stomach, and dumps you out of bed when the alarm goes off.  For bedridden patient, rolls him/her when timer goes off so that the patient doesn't get bed sore.

2) Soft Robot easy chair cushions for helping elderly get out of the chair.

3) Boyfriend pillow soft robot to cuddle you.  :-)

4) Soft robot stuffed animals for kids.

5) Soft robot gurney that would automatically adjust itself based on the location of the patient's injury and require extra support.

6) Soft robot flotation device that automatically deploys (bounce towards a drowning victim) and stows itself when rescue is complete.

Yesterday, they discussed the ideas I sent them on their show (19:17 into the show) :


Cool Beans!