Friday, August 7, 2009

Recovering from the crash of my Windows 2000 PC's Hard Disk

I recently added an one terabyte NAS to my network. As soon as I hooked it up and configured it, I transferred all my data files to the NAS. Then I deleted the data from my hard drive.

Before the move, my hard disk was so full that I was not able to do a decent disk defragmentation.

Now with a lot of free disk space, it was time to do the disk defragmentation that my disk needed.

After doing so, my system crash on the first reboot.

After a lot of time diagnosing the problem, I discovered that there were bad sectors on the disk drive and the defragmentation moved some of system files into the bad sector.

I reformatted the disk and re-installed the operating system.

Unfortunately, the operating system on the installation disk does not have almost 10 years of updates.

I pointed my Internet Explorer to the Microsoft Windows update web site. Unfortunately, the Internet Explorer on the Windows 2000 installation disk does not support the features on the web site.


I had to download and install the latest version of Mozilla Firefox (the browser that I normally use) and use it to download the updated Internet Explorer that's compatible with the latest Microsoft Windows update web site.

After installing the latest version of Internet Explorer for Windows 2000, I was finally able to update my Windows 2000 O/S with the latest patches.

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